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Jarltech Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Jarltech has established a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy for its employees, which regulates basic behavioural practices regarding interaction with employees, customers, business partners, the environment and society. We set the standard ourselves that every service associated with our business activity is provided in accordance with the principles of this policy. That is why we also expect our business partners and suppliers to comply with the values we live by. We kindly ask you to acknowledge the points mentioned below and to confirm their implementation in your business, to the extent applicable to your business operations.

Compliance with laws

Compliance with all national laws and regulations has top priority in our business activities. This also applies to internationally applicable laws and regulations, insofar as is required by the business activity.

Human rights

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from the 10th of December 1948, the United Nations made a clear commitment to human rights. These are fully respected.

Working conditions

Employees’ well-being is of great concern for Jarltech. To ensure this, the following points are of significant importance:

  • Any form of discrimination based on gender, age, skin colour, ethnic origin, sexual identity, disability, religious affiliation or ideology will not be tolerated. This applies both to the hiring of employees and to their on-going employment.
  • For the employment of minors, special legal regulations must be strictly observed. Child labour is not tolerated.
  • The valid regulations regarding working hours must be observed.
  • Employee payment and other employee benefits are fair and comply at the very least with the applicable legal requirements, as well as individual and collective labour law requirements, in particular regarding minimum wages.
  • Any type of forced labour is prohibited. In particular this includes the withholding of parts of an employee’s salary or documents. Additionally, corporal punishment, coercion, verbal abuse and the like are prohibited.

Work safety and health protection

Great care is taken to provide employees with safe, healthy working conditions. For this purpose, there is a health and safety organisation whose task is to determine and implement measures to both monitor and improve working conditions. The laws and regulations in effect in the respective country are complied with.

Health protection and employee safety

Risks (particularly chemical, physical, mechanical and biological risks) are identified and measures are taken to ensure the protection of workers in their workplace, as well as in the available infrastructure.

Facility operation and maintenance

The necessary procedures and means to ensure the safe operation and adequate maintenance of the facilities (production, supply, etc.) are in place.

Emergency management

Emergency situations are identified and assessed. All necessary measures are taken to minimise their impact both on- and off-site by using appropriate emergency plans.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Responsibility for future generations is of particular importance. That is why the careful use of available resources and the preservation of good environmental conditions are essential. For this reason, sustainable management must always be taken into account in all business activities. In both the development of new products and services as well as the operation of production facilities, keeping the impact on the environment and climate as minimal as possible must be ensured. These aspects must also always be taken into account in the area of waste management and raw materials recycling. All applicable environmental laws and regulations are complied with.

Ethical business practices

Moral and ethical considerations must be taken into account in all economic considerations. The most important principles here are:

  • Corruption is not a means of obtaining business. Employees are regularly instructed in this regard.
  • Conflicts of interest must be disclosed to Jarltech immediately.
  • Price fixing, exchanges about sales strategies, margins, waivers of competition or similar actions are prohibited.
  • The applicable data protection regulations must be complied with, in particular, information about Jarltech that is not generally known must be kept secret and confidential.
  • Money laundering or other questionable financial transactions will not be tolerated.

With your own separate statement and signature, you declare that you will take all necessary measures to ensure the implementation of the above points in your company. This also includes the ongoing monitoring of compliance and the passing on of information to the employees concerned.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Jarltech Europe GmbH
Ulrich Spranger
Jarltech-Platz 1
61250 Usingen, Germany
E-Mail: europe@jarltech.com
Tel: +49 6081 600-100

Jarltech Europe GmbH - Jarltech-Platz 1 - 61250 Usingen, Germany
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