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Would you apply for a job that doesn’t interest you?

Ulrich Spranger
Ulrich Spranger
Those who are already in the working world know how to apply for a job. However, those who are looking for an apprenticeship, or for their first job, could inform themselves a bit about how to do it properly. Don’t you learn that in school? Many young people send us fantastic job applications, and the interviews are fun. But there are a few catastrophic mistakes that pop up more frequently.

I’d like to summarize what immediately comes to mind:

Yes, the current Generations Y and Z sure are aces at one thing: chilling. But a lot has already been written about that. That makes an apprenticeship and a job rather curtailing. But it’s necessary, because at some point, parents want their kids permanently off the sofa. Ergo, the kids would like to transfer this free time to their place of work. From an employer’s perspective, you don’t score points by only asking about holiday time during an interview, if you can bring your dog to work (and who will take him for a walk?) and why a trainee can’t work from home from Day 1?

Also common on applications is the headline »Hobbies«: »hanging out with friends, listening to music, going on holiday, YouTube.« Doesn’t anyone play an instrument anymore? Or maybe have some sensible hobbies? Seriously, if we want to train someone to become an IT specialist, then I think I would find that he does something computer-related in his free time, and that I might even find that under »Hobbies«. Maybe for your first application you should look for a job that also interests you privately?

If I want to become a businessman, have I already looked at some material on the subject? Yes, it’s also helpful later on to subscribe to a business journal at home if you want to be successful at work. I’m sure there are also tons of YouTube channels about it. My question, »What do you think you will learn in vocational school during this apprenticeship?« should not be answered with a giant question mark across your face. Really, you need to know that ahead of time.

Here’s another newbie tip about your choice of words: you »learn« something in an apprenticeship, you don’t get »taught«. Active, not passive, is the motto here.

I would also like to touch a little bit more on side jobs or charity activities. Maybe you should write that down? No false modesty here! Please include it in your application when you stocked shelves in the supermarket, took part in a flea market, or are an Ebay top seller, helped in a club or perhaps a political party. Or maybe you collect something, or you attend every away match of Eintracht Frankfurt, etc. Put a little more passion into it. Also note if you earned any money on the side or if you are truly dedicated to something.

If you want to get into Marketing, you have hopefully already designed a flyer, worked on a website, or at least developed a logo for a school dance. Let’s have it!

By the way, wouldn’t it be nice if the cover letter states why you want this particular job? (You’ll get asked that question anyway during the interview.) Moving on. I would also like to see your picture on the application, one which is not a snapshot or a class picture from 6th grade. And please, no pictures with your hands in your pockets! Oh, and applicants should clean up their public social media profiles, since of course, every potential employer has a look it first.

A total waste of time are the interviews that take place after the call comes: »The commute is too far.«. That also happens to older applicants, by the way. If you don’t know where Jarltech is, you fall into the same category of job applicants who don’t make the effort to read over our website before coming in person.

If you have a 4 on your last report card in »English«, then your cover letter had better say that you are taking lessons during your free time. After all, it is clear that in a career as a businessman in a somewhat larger company, you won’t go far without good English skills. Principally, bad grades are basically »the teacher's fault«. But if not all the students in your class had a 4, then others probably had the social skills to come to terms with their superiors.

No, unfortunately I also cannot brag about my grades, but it was not because of the »teacher«. :) No, it was because at the end of my schooldays, I simply worked more than going to school, and that's what I definitely would have written in my application. I'm only in the position of complaining about bad grades here because I had a job from the beginning that I enjoy, and in which I learn something new every day - because then it’s not so bad anymore, if I miss out on opportunity to chill every now and again.

I'm looking forward to receiving many applications!
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